Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sinulog 2012

I'll just say it outright: I never liked Sinulog. Regardless of how close our house is to the parade route, I never really watched it willingly.

The only instances where I DID swam through the crowds was mostly, then, because of school activities. This time, it's a whole new reason: work.

I literally got stuck in (human) traffic on my way to work. Did I mention that I had to walk half of the way through the most densely packed parts? Ugh! Sweat and paint from people's bodies smeared on my shirt. Not to mention that people kept on pushing.

Well, I was able to get to work thirty minutes late and in a sour mood. But there's nothing a bit of food can't cure. :D

The next hurdle is how I'd be able to get home. Cellphones are not reliable at this time since network signals are going crazy. People are packed in the mall where I work because of the fireworks display. I was going home alone and I was resigned to do so regardless of my crowd-issues but seemed that the universe doesn't want me to. I met my cousins inside the mall. Lucky!

With or without my cousins, we still had to walk all the way home. But sharing it with someone makes the distance seem a bit shorter. :)

I still hate Sinulog.

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